Welcome Soup and Sandwich lovers!

Sabrina's is a deli style restaurant that serves homemade soups, salads and sandwiches, made with only the best quality ingredients. We fresh cut all the meats, cheeses and vegetable for sandwiches each and every day and we also home-make all of our soups and salads daily as well. Most say that coming to Sabrina's is like going home for lunch. We have not only comforting food, but also a comforting atmosphere. You can dine in, or take it in a box to go to take back to the office or the park and feel like you had mom pack a lunch for you.

Sabrina's Lunch In A Box was established in February 2011 after a small town Sumner girl who was determined to open her own business. With Sabrina's love for people and passion for cooking, this was a perfect fit. Since she has opened, she is now known for her delicious homemade creamy soups, huge variety of specialty sandwiches, and not to mention her warm "melt in your mouth," rhubarb crisp. But why don't you come in and be the judge.

Sabrina is a born and raised Sumnerite who graduated Sumner High School in 1996. She then went to school for business and then worked as a general manager for a local construction company for 15 years after she graduated college. She knew that she had always longed to own and operate her own business and as a person who worked in the small little town as well, she always thought that there should be a quiet little soup and sandwich shop where all of the local business employees could gather and have a quick homemade lunch. This is when she realized that she needed do just that, open this kind of lunch place.

Our regular customers love to say that eating with us is "like going home for lunch", and we stand by it! In our family owned restaurant, you will find a warm and inviting atmosphere, where Sabrina greets and treats all her customers with a smile, while serving out delicious homemade dishes like mom made them.